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Forklift Battery Transfer Cart


Forklift Battery Transfer CartThe forklift batery transfer cart is designed for use with pallet trucks to load, unload, and transfer fork truck batteries. The forklift battery transfer cart features a roller deck for easy battery movement, front locking safety tabs to secure battery in cart (pallet jack is not included.) Welded steel construction with powder coat yellow finish. The stand alone forklift battery transfer cart, model BTC-CART, includes casters for portability. Specify roller height when ordering.

Optional winch attachment, model BTC-WINCH, can be installed easily to either BTC unit with the supplied hardware. The manual winch is designed to pull battery out of fork truck.  




For use with Pallet Truck
Forklift Battery Transfer Cart(BTC-PJ) 32" x 42" x 7", 4000 lbs. capacity
Price: $665.00 


Standalone Cart
(BTC-CART) 30" x 40", 4000 lbs. capacity 

Price: $822.00 


Winch Attachment
(BTC-WINCH) 46" Height
Price: $104.00